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Consular Services

The Consular Section of the Mission assists Namibian citizens living in Switzerland with citizen registration, nationality and passport related matters, registration of births, deaths, marriages, etc.

The Mission also issues single/multiple diplomatic, official, business and tourist (visitors') entry visas, for a maximum of 3 months (90 days).


- Completed Visa Application Form (See below)   

- A valid Passport (valid for at least 6 months after intended departure from Namibia) to accompany the Visa Application Form

- A letter of Invitation*

- Flight Itinerary

- 2 Passport photos, bearing the signature and name application on the reverse side

- Proof of sufficient means to maintain applicant during his/her stay in Namibia

- Payment of CHF 65.00 Application Fee in Cash (subject to change for multiple entry visas).

NB. Be informed that it takes five (5) working days to process the Visa

* Business/Official Invitation letter

The application must include a letter of invitation from the organisation/company in Namibia hosting the event/meeting. Where applicable, a letter of request for the business/official visa from the employer of the applicant should accompany the application. Both letters must be printed on the organisation's/company's letterhead, be signed by a senior manager and should include information on the nature of the business/official work to be conducted in Namibia. The letter of request should briefly introduce the applicant and include information on the applicant's employment status/position.

The Consular Section is open from 9:00 am to 13:00, and from 14:00 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except on Public Holidays..

All applications for Visa can be sent to: Namibian Mission to UNOG, 15 Chemin-Louis Dunant, 1202, Geneva, Switzerland. Please include a self-addressed envelope for the return of your passport upon successful consideration.

Nationals from the following countries are exempt from applying for tourist visas:


Angola Ireland Portugal
Australia Italy South Africa
Austria Japan Singapore
Belgium Kenya Spain
Botswana Lesotho Swaziland
Brazil Liechtenstein Sweden
Canada Luxembourg Switzerland
Cuba Macau Tanzania
Denmark Malaysia United Kingdom
Finland Malawi Zambia
France Mozambique Zimbabwe
Germany New Zealand  
Hong Kong Netherlands  
Iceland Norway  

Visa Application Forms
Application for Emergency Travel Documents
Application for Employment Permit Renewal
Application for Late Registration of Birth
Application for Media Accreditation
Application for Namibian Citizenship
Application for New Passport & Renewal
Application for Permanent Residence
Application for Registration of Birth in Terms of the Namibian Citizenship Act, 1990
Application for Renewal of Residence Permit
Application for Research & Study Permit
Application for Veterinary Import Permit for Animals Animal Products into Namibia
Application for Work Permit
Clarification on Policy on Bringing Firearms into Namibia
Permission to Film in Namibia
Police Clearance Certificate

Please contact us through any of the following means if we can be of further assistance: 

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +41- 22-733-0220

Fax: +41- 22-734-4907